Monday, February 1, 2010

New updates

I haven't updated this blog nearly as often as I had planned. I really wanted Sophia to have something she could look back on when she's older and see tons of photos and read all about herself...That, and I love showing her off :) In order to get myself back into blogging a bit more, I'll be doing these survery's every so often. I'll be posting new pictures at some point today as well!

Age: 5 months, 2 weeks - growing like a weed!
Sleeping Habits: We were very spoiled because she slept through the night at a very early age. Soph usually wakes up at about 3:30am for a bottle and then again between 7:30-8am. Sometimes she'll go right back to sleep for an hour or so but usually she's up for the day! Don't even think about trying to get this child to lay down for a nap!
Eating Habits: We've started rice cereal once a day, which we think is giving her gas. We got some oatmeal last night and we're going to see how that treats her.
Favorite Activity: Definitely the Exersaucer! She jumps & screams in that thing and loves every's also just about the only time we're ever able to get anything done around the house :)
Cutest Moment All Week: Sophia trying to crawl! Sophia was visiting her mamaw and papaw and we all were dying laughing watching her try to crawl. I think she'll be doing it for real within the month - She gets all the way up on her knees but gets stuck and very frustrated.
Milestones: Starting to laugh A LOT more.

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