Monday, February 22, 2010

6 months

Where does the time go? Everyone tells you to enjoy them while they're so little, it goes by so fast. That can be a hard thing to believe when you're living on 3-4 hours of sleep with a screaming newborn in your arms. I thought for sure I would never miss the "newborn" stage. Well, here we are 6 months later and I just can't believe it. Fifi (or Pee Wee...weird, I know), as we like to call her, is ready to crawl anyday now, loves to say "dadadada", "babababa" and as of very recently FINALLY "mamamama". I'm so excited for what's next!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

1st cart ride!

Such a big girl! We were doing some shopping for our cruise (2 more weeks!) last weekend and decided to let Soph try to ride in the cart for the first time. She did very well! She just sat there and hung out...looking all around and nomming on her bunny blanket. It's nice to know she doesn't mind sitting in the car and that we don't have to lug around her gigantic car seat into every store we go into. Soph is up to 16 pounds now and it's getting harder and harder to carry that seat around!

Here's a picture from my phone of her riding...and then another of her trying on some sunglasses :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sophia bites the dust!

Poor thing. Sophia is really determined to crawl...we're waiting on her to take off any day now :) I decided to grab the camera in hopes of catching it on video. Here's a video where she takes a big leap and ends up face planting into the floor. Hopefully it didn't scare her too much!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Thanks to "Snowmaggedon", I got to stay home from work yesterday! Well, I still ended up working because I spent the entire day editing photos from a was still nice to be home with Jordan & Sophia all day.

Sophia has tooth #2 coming in and she hasn't been handling it too well. She's been better about it within the last day, thankfully. Here are just a couple random photos I snapped of Sophia and her pig tails yesterday along with some pictures of her new shoes:

Monday, February 1, 2010

Growing so much!

Here are some recent photos of Soph...still haven't managed to get a picture of that tooth yet!

 We attempted to take a picture together, didn't quite work out :)

Mommy likes to play with my hair in the bath tub :)

New updates

I haven't updated this blog nearly as often as I had planned. I really wanted Sophia to have something she could look back on when she's older and see tons of photos and read all about herself...That, and I love showing her off :) In order to get myself back into blogging a bit more, I'll be doing these survery's every so often. I'll be posting new pictures at some point today as well!

Age: 5 months, 2 weeks - growing like a weed!
Sleeping Habits: We were very spoiled because she slept through the night at a very early age. Soph usually wakes up at about 3:30am for a bottle and then again between 7:30-8am. Sometimes she'll go right back to sleep for an hour or so but usually she's up for the day! Don't even think about trying to get this child to lay down for a nap!
Eating Habits: We've started rice cereal once a day, which we think is giving her gas. We got some oatmeal last night and we're going to see how that treats her.
Favorite Activity: Definitely the Exersaucer! She jumps & screams in that thing and loves every's also just about the only time we're ever able to get anything done around the house :)
Cutest Moment All Week: Sophia trying to crawl! Sophia was visiting her mamaw and papaw and we all were dying laughing watching her try to crawl. I think she'll be doing it for real within the month - She gets all the way up on her knees but gets stuck and very frustrated.
Milestones: Starting to laugh A LOT more.