Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vote for Sophia!

It would be really awesome if you voted for Sophia by going here: http://photos.parents.com/category/vote/photo/246473

She's got some major competition and needs the votes :) You can vote daily!

Oh and here's some recent pictures! Our friends Carrie & Rick got married over the weekend:

Erin & I at the reception:
Our family :)
And Sophia's "official" 8 month photo:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Call me crazy

...but I'm already starting plans for Sophia's 1st birthday. I have no idea why I'm so excited about it because all I do is talk about how she's growing up way too quickly. I realized the other day that she is going to be 8 months in just a couple days, so she's going to be one in 4 months. Holy moly. Seriously, where does the time go? I swear we just brought her home from the hospital last week.

So far I know that it's going to be a cupcake theme - so, lots of cupcakes, sweets & pink. I want a Smores Station (seriously, I'm so excited for this):

A photo booth complete with mustaches (this is going to be a work in the making, I hope I can pull it off)

and some other fun things that I'm working on. I'm way too excited for this...

I haven't updated with photos for a while. Here are a few recent ones:

Our little fam on Easter:
Sophia at 8 months (a few days short, but who's counting?):

Me and my little nugget:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My 24th

It was absolutely beautiful outside for my 24th birthday! Jordan surprised me with a Funfetti cake and a card from Sophia :) We also took Soph to see the Easter Bunny (she did so well, even smiled!) - I'll have a picture of that tomorrow.

Soph will hate me later on in life for pictures like these :) Here's a picture that I quickly snapped of Fifi with her bunny ears on

My yummy cake from Jordan

My card from Sophia...Jordan left Soph "draw" on it

Me and Soph on my birthday before we left to visit the Easter Bunny