Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time flies...

I can't believe Sophia is 5 months old! I meant to post yesterday since she actually turned 5 months then BUT I got stuck with work and couldn't get around to it. I also have no 5 month pictures yet, coming soon!

Sophia's favorite things are baby talk (she now says "hi" and "yeah"), grabbing both of her feet and eating/licking them, playing in her exersaucer and jumparoo, her Glow Worm and Sea Horse and laying on the living room floor so that she can roll all over the place. She watches our mouthes very intently while we talk and tries to mimmick it. It's very cute :)

On the other hand, Sophia does not like to cuddle for very long. She always wants to be standing and bouncing. Come sleepy time, she's very cuddly and rubs her little face all over your shirt. She also does not like kisses, at all...especially from daddy or papaw. She loves when we blow raspberries on her tummy or neck though!

She is sitting up on her own for a minute or so at a time. It's so funny because she looks too tiny to be able to do it. She is really starting to form her own personality...and she's sassy, that's for sure. This is a very fun stage and though I'm sad to see her growing so quickly, I'm excited for all the fun that's to come :)

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